Barry Nash & Company

Dallas, Texas

Performance, reporter, producer and all platform journalism coaching and consultation for network and local TV stations. We team with Barry Nash to provide the best coaching for broadcast professionals around the world.

Dallas Audio Post

Dallas, Texas

Since 1992 Roy Machado and his team have been our trusted partners for audio composition, sweetening and mixing. If Dallas Audio Post is good enough for the President of the United States, they've got our vote too!. Roy composed original music for "Colors of Courage" and "El Corazon". Whenever we have a major broadcast post-production, we rely on Dallas Audio Post to get every note, every sound, just right.       

Purrsnickitty Design

Dallas, Texas

We asked Cathy Hutzler from Purrsnickitty Design to help us design a site that has one basic goal: to showcase videos. And we really like what Cat has done. What you don’t see is the cool user interface that allows us to quickly upload our videos and blogs or revise any section on our site.  She designed this site from scratch, so we know she can do the same for you.

The Creative Spin

Dallas, Texas

Every great book needs a gorgeous cover. Joey Curry and his team design and animate stunning graphics and artwork. Check out the photo treatment in "El Corazon de Santa Fe", and you'll see why The Creative Spin is the best of the best.