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NBC News Tom Brokaw Presents Canine to Sgt. Michael Caspers at AT&T Stadium

Hello and welcome to Silver Horn Media, this is Tony Martinez.  It's hard to believe we've been around now for 15 years, telling stories, producing long and short form content for a wide-range of clients, coaching talent that want to be in the media and professionals who want to learn how to work with the media - a candy store of opportunities and blessings for a small team of professionals that feel honored to work with the tremendous clients who come our way.  Our 1st client 15 years ago was ESPN - after leaving the network we began creating documentaries as 'freelancers', and Silver Horn was born.  Today, we still work with ESPN coaching their talent in Bristol and around the country.  The opportunity to work with Stuart Scott before he died, to mentor new talent on the way up like Will Cain, and to help our old friend, Darren Woodsen, well it doesn't get better than that!  In 2015 we produced the halftime of the Dallas Cowboys Veterans Day game for Baylor Scott & White Health.  To feature Sgt. Michael Caspers, to see him provided an assistance dog through Baylor Scott & White's, Canine Companions for Independence,  and to see 90,000 fans cheering him at AT&T Stadium, is an unforgettable event.  To produce the halftime show was such an honor. People sometimes stop me and ask if I used to be Tony Martinez...I used to laugh off the question, but have come to realize there is a message there about change.  I used to be a guy giving scores and offering up opinions on sports.  Now behind the scenes, the tables are turned and the focus is on others trying to make a name for themselves in front of the camera, or helping one of our clients get the word out about some wonderful program or initiative they are offering.  Now the focus is on Baylor Scott & White Health and the tremendous health care they are providing in Texas.  It's on people like Verne Lundquist, featured here as a Blackie Sherrod Award recipient for his 60 years in sports broadcasting.   It's about supporting the fight against Alzheimer's Disease through our work with WFAA TV and our support of youth baseball with Perfect Game USA.  Mostly it's about the people we meet along the way, people like Joel Allison the amazing and retiring CEO at Baylor, Scott & White, or Bill Ruth from Estes Park, Colorado, one of ther nicest guys you'll ever meet - a world class triathlete who luckily discovered his ticking bomb heart could give out at any moment - until Baylor Jack & Jane Hamilton, Heart & Vascular Hospital stepped in to save his life.  It's been a lot about the Dallas Cowboys, my life-long obsession.  Since the age of 10 I knew I'd come to Dallas and be a sportscaster, but never dreamed I'd work with Roger Staubach someday as we did, doing his corporate videos before he sold to JLL.  Or how could I have guessed that one day America's Team would move in to my back yard?  A couple years ago we produced 3 stories on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for his induction into the NFF Hall of Fame. You can see one of those stories on our front page but you can only guess how much fun we had writing and producing it! Jerry will be in the NFL Hall of Fame soon, we hope to be there too - telling his story.   To all our friends, clients, colleagues and subjects, thank-you for your rich, wonderful, headline-living lives.  'We' by the way is me and Kevin Spivey.   We appreciate the chance to share your stories.  Please enjoy the video vault and the memories they've created!