Welcome to Silver Horn Entertainment!

The Art of Storytelling

Finally! A web site we can use to market our services and promote your content. Who are these guys anyway? Silver Horn Entertainment is a boutique creative design, video, commercial and documentary production company. Yikes, that's a lot to get on a business card.  Oh, we also coach television performance, reporting and production.

We don't advertise and we don't promote our services in any conventional way.  We rely on contacts and your referrals to keep putting out great content and ultimately pay for several upcoming college tuitions...

...that's why our new site is so important. We asked Cathy Hutzler from Purrsnickitty Design to help us design a site that has one basic goal: to showcase videos. And we really like what Cat has done: created a site that makes it easier to see our work using Vimeo to play our videos and docs in almost high definition; design a site with a series of posts like this one to tell you what we are doing; create a new section showcasing our clients and the flattering things we paid them to say about us; and a place for a series of blogs that may provide insight for you whether you are designing a program, looking for advice for on-air performance and production or if you're just curious about this little company that is doing some pretty cool things.

Thanks for finding us and spending a few minutes here. Read on and take time to watch the content. We are honored to have such great clients who provide us a platform to do what we love to do — tell stories that matter.

Thanks -