Super Bowl XLV - The Countdown Is On

North Texas prepares for the World's biggest single day event

In February 2011 the Super Bowl will be played in Arlington. It is arguably the biggest event in history to come to north Texas.  It is something we are very proud of — helping the North Texas Super Bowl Host Committee promote the game and the various community service programs they are supporting. We create the videos and commercials that market, promote, document and educate the region about the upcoming game and the events surrounding it. 

Probably our most fun piece was the one thought up by the host committee's VP for Communication, Tony Fay. He asked us to have several regional and national celebrities lip synch Faith Hill's "This Kiss". Hill performed a benefit concert in Fort Worth in May and the video was designed to warm up the crowd before the concert. We were skeptical anyone would really do it, but we used our secret weapon. We asked former Cowboys quarterback, NFL Hall of Famer and icon Roger Staubach, the Chairman of the host committee, to go first. Roger belted.. or 'spoke out' his lines with conviction. After that we just showed all the other clubs Roger's performance and they all attacked their lines with gusto. Dirk Nowitski was probably the best. Tony Romo was awful — but he was really nice about it while he was being awful, and Nolan Ryan was the funniest. Only one person turned us down — WFAA TV sports anchor Dale Hansen. We should have shown him former KXAS sports caster Scott Murray's performance.

To watch the final product, view it here

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, it was Roger Staubach who recommended us for this gig. Thank-you Roger! His testimonial is in our client section of this site.

As the most fanatical Cowboys fan (formally in the mainstream sports media), I really can't believe I'm doing this sometimes.

It’s amazing to me that the great Roger Staubach would ever recommend us for anything. If you had told me back in 1975 when I was in high school, practicing the 15-yard and out with Carl Spencer, we called it the 'Staubach to Pearson', that I'd be working with (for) #12 later in my career, I simply could not have believed it could ever happen. I've never told Roger this — but he's the reason we're even here in the first place. I grew up determined to be a sportscaster in Dallas, and now we're helping promote our hometown Super Bowl.

See, miracles really do happen...