Shermco to the Rescue

Local Electrical Contractor responds to the Nashville Flood emergency

Shermco was on the scene within 24 hours

The oil spill in the gulf got all the headlines this past summer, but Tennessee experienced its worst natural disaster since the Civil War with the floods that had much of the state underwater in April. We were contacted by Irving, TX. based Shermco Industries to explain how they help communities and industries after natural disasters like the recent floods.  

How did this happen anyway

We got connected with Shermco about two years ago — a referral from another client that has turned into a really great partnership. Companies like Shermco work in an industrial world that is far removed from the touchy, feely world of visual storytelling.  But we have been able to help Shermco explain some really difficult technical concepts, like how to fix an entire electrical power grid after a flood or repair wind turbines and make the story interesting! We absolutely love creating these videos because this is an under-serviced industry for video. 

Recently, Shermco acquired another company in south Texas and, rather than simply walk in and take over, they asked us to create a video to explain the Shermco Industries culture and how they would treat their newly acquired division. It was a remarkable strategy and certainly another example of why the Dallas Business Journal routinely calls Shermco one of the best places to work in Dallas-Fort Worth. 

We invite you to check out our corporate video section or click here to see how the company is using video to explain their expert services!