Running the Rock - Again

23,000 runners are expected to run this year's race

The 2010 Race will start at Fair Park

Daybreak on the first Sunday of December is the beginning of the end for us.  In a good way.  The White Rock Marathon broadcast is probably the most complicated production on our menu of program content.  First of all, it is live at the time of year when north Texas is subject to those early winter cold fronts that keep us on the weather roller-coaster, holding our breath and hoping to avoid the 3-letter word we dread, f-o-g.


In the last five years, low cloud ceilings have twice prevented us from providing overhead pictures of the race.  5 years ago this meant disaster because all we had were the 2 helicopters to provide consistent on course video.  Now with the advent of Internet-based streaming video, we can provide ground level cameras and not be so dependent on the aerials.  But make no mistake about it; the view from the sky is the most dramatic shot.


But in the big picture the most interesting aspect of the show is not the fact that we employ a dozen cameras on the course, 2 anchor locations, fancy course maps and expert commentary.  The secret to our show is promoting the city of Dallas and the work at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.


The marathon is really just the backdrop to tell the stories of the patient champions at Scottish Rite, the incredible stories of how the hospital changes lives every day and the heroism of the patients themselves.  It really is an inspiration to meet so many people working with such a positive attitude or working through circumstances most of us can only imagine.  We are honored to tell their stories.


Again in 2010, WFAA will provide the infrastructure to produce the show and the airtime to tell our story.  We think the broadcast improves every year and we hope this year will be no different as the race moves to Fair Park.  The new venue will require some extra work on our part as we leave the relatively safe confines of Channel 8's Victory Park outdoor set for a remote location at Fair Park.  We are hoping to pull off the best race coverage ever and raise dollars and awareness for the hospital.  Check out the marathon website for the latest on the new course and some new features that will make this marathon really interesting.


Our thanks go out to the marathon board and president Phil Baker and race director Marcus Grunewald for their confidence and for their ability to fund such a technically challenging event.  We are also thankful for the great talent and technical support at WFAA.  Dave Muscari and the Channel 8 team bring their “A” game to this event.  Because even if the weather fails us, we know you want a 3-hour show that brings out the best in Dallas and proves once and for all that runners are the nicest people in the world. 


Tune in December 5th at 8 AM to see it for yourself!