Piedmont tornado destroys over 100 homes

Two young boys killed in Oklahoma twister

The devastation we saw in Piedmont, Oklahoma last week will stay with us for a long time. The neighborhood northwest of Oklahoma City was demolished by an F-4 tornado on May 24th. Two young boys were killed here when the tornado literally sucked them out of their mother's arms. The grim pictures of the devastation, the tiny crosses in the front yard of the victim's property cannot convey what it felt like being there. It felt disgusting, it smelled even worse and it made me realize I'm not a very good journalist because I kept thinking how unfair it is that these people had to go through this. So much for objectivity.

We are in the middle of producing a series for The Weather Channel and CSE on people who are rebuilding their lives and their homes after being hit by severe weather. Thankfully the families we are meeting have a home to rebuild, did not suffer loss of life and had the necessary insurance to rebuild. You won't see any over dramatized storytelling in this series. We've seen the worst and we know we are profiling the lucky ones. Look for the series, as yet unnamed, beginning this September on The Weather Channel.