A "Perfect" Game

Creating memorable pieces for baseball's largest independent scouting service

One of the many projects we are working on is providing creative design and production for Perfect Game USA.   The organization is the world's premiere scouting service for amateur baseball talent.  For the 2nd year we have designed and produced a one-hour preview show for the Perfect Game All American Classic presented by Rawlings.  The game features the top 50 seniors entering their final year of high school and eligible for next year's Major League draft.  PG is the place to find tomorrow's big league stars today and we really enjoy helping to introduce these players to the world.  Many of the young men you will meet, will be household names someday.   The 50 minute show is a preview of the game with emphasis on the selection of the east and west rosters.

To watch the Selection Show, click here

We also are creating some marketing pieces for the organization, here are two spots we just completed.

To watch the :30 commercial "The Journey", click here

To watch the :30 commercial "PG 25", click here

Finally, we also produced a piece on a player from east Texas, a pitcher named Michael Kopech.  We often use stories in coaching of reporters and producers and I will be showing this one in the future.  It's not fair to some of the networks and stations we coach to show examples of pieces that sometimes take weeks to complete.  This story was completely shot in 2 hours, yet it demonstrates strong visual storytelling and production value. You'll want to listen to this one on big speakers - the ball unleashed at 92 miles an hour sounds like a cruise missile has just been fired!  This story is memorable for its imaging and its brevity, both are rare in feature reporting where the misconception is that the pieces must take a long time to shoot and edit.  This is a valuable teaching piece because of its simplicity.

To watch the Michael Kopech feature, click here