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2012 is already winding down but we’ve been so preoccupied with our projects we’ve neglected you, our friends, clients and curious observers who have just stumbled upon our site.

By way of introduction, I am Tony Martinez, and along Kevin Spivey and some of our trusted partners, we are Silver Horn Entertainment.  We create television programming and we coach and train television journalists.

Here’s a quick sampling of where we’ve travelled in just the past few months on our various productions, coaching sessions and adventures:

-          Halle, Germany

-          Pamplona, Spain

-          Montreal, Canada

-          Toronto, Canada

-          New York, New York

-          Chicago, Illinois

-          Atlanta, Georgia

-          Miami, Florida

-          Austin and Kerrville, Texas

-          Port Aransas, Texas

-          Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

-          Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Much of our year has been devoted to the incredible experience we’ve had documenting the lives of 3 cancer patients at Baylor, Sammons Cancer Center in Dallas.   This is a special project because of the heroic cancer patients we’ve met, the devoted and inspirational team at Baylor and the freedom we have been given to create this story.

Anyone who loves watching real people as opposed to ‘reality’ programming will appreciate this project.  We have complete, 100 percent access to the patients, their treatment and their personal lives.  We owe special appreciation to Michelle Berndt, Bill Bradford and Cherysse Daniels and their families for their trust in us to accurately and compassionately portray one of the most challenging moments of any lifetime – beating cancer.

One glimpse of the intimate portrayal came early in the shooting of ‘Dallas Hope’, which will air on WFAA-TV, ABC, beginning on November 8th. Michelle, our 30-year-old mother of 2 is filming herself on an I-Pad, as her husband clears the lines from the tubes she has attached to her torso, draining fluids following her double mastectomy.   The slightest pulling causes extreme pain.   As her husband Stephen is working the fluid down the tube she cries out in pain saying she’s going to kill him.  Yet later, instead of talking about her courage, the focus is on her soul mate…

 “All he does is sit and wait. Sit and wait.  Sit and wait. Sit and wait.  Last night he was falling asleep in the chair, and he had to still drive home, get the kids, put them to bed, take them to daycare this morning, come and see me.  We were walking in the gardens today, and I just said, “I hope you realize you’re the best husband ever.”  Because I mean, not every husband is amazing.  He is. There's absolutely no way I could get through this without him.”

We love Michelle and you will too – along with Bill Bradford, a 78-year-old nicknamed “the bull”, who has a cancer of his lymph nodes and is participating in an experimental treatment, a clinical trial that uses proteins from tobacco plants! Finally, Cherysse Daniels from Ft. Worth is our 3rd subject, a 26-year-old woman whose lifelong struggle with her health culminated with the discovery of a blood cancer called Acute Myologenous Leukemia.   Without the miracle of finding a bone marrow transplant and the work of the transplantation team at Baylor, Cherysse probably would not be with us here today.

We are honored to tell your stories, Cherysse, Bill and Michelle.  Thank-you.

Later this month we will have a gala premiere at Baylor, a private showing for the families, the media and Baylor officials.  These showings are always my favorite because we get to see how the families and our ‘stars’ respond to their stories – it’s usually the best day of the project.

Many thanks to Chris Callahan and Nikki Mitchell at Baylor for their trust in us, we’ve hardly heard from them since we started.  It really is rare to have a relationship like this – one in which the client says, “do the story you see”. 

For more on the project they’ve even created a website, www.dallashope.com

In addition to the documentary we are preparing for the Dallas Marathon, the YMCA Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and the usual assortment of network programs for CBS Sports Network.  

On the coaching side, I just returned from a week in Mexico City for CNN and will travel to Toronto soon, along with Kevin and our partner from The Coaching Company, Barry Nash.  The client is Rogers Sports Net and we can’t tell you what will be doing there just yet – but it will be a robust plan combining the ‘perfect storm’ for us, coaching sports, creating programming and training their teams.

2012 is a year of change for me – and with change comes growth.  So come fly with us the rest of the year and into 2013.  There’s never a dull moment, promise!


Tony Martinez