A Battle of the Giants

Baron & Budd vs BP Oil

A cleanup worker shows us the heartbreaking results of the spill

A few weeks after the April 20th explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, we were hired by Baron & Budd, a Dallas law firm representing people and communities harmed by corporate fraud and misconduct. Our task was to create a news story profiling the effects of the oil spill on the fishermen and shrimpers who make their living in the Gulf. We were there just as the first signs of oil in the marshes began to appear, so our footage is not as dramatic as some of the later images showing oily fish and beaches.

But what was really clear to me is that life in the Gulf has been altered again, for the 2nd time in five years by a man made tragedy. We were there for Katrina in 2005 as well, reporting for ESPN. It is clear that both disasters are man made — Katrina because of our insistence on altering the course of the Mississippi and building the levy's around New Orleans, and in the case of BP -—by ignoring safety because the risk of catastrophic failure is not as important as profits. 

I guess you'd call this 'cause' journalism — we love telling stories that just maybe might make a difference...

To view the video, click here.

Another piece we produced for the firm is about another Louisiana disaster — because of the use of Chinese Drywall in homes repaired after Katrina.  You can watch that video here.